What is Paddle Tennis?

Paddle tennis is also called platform tennis, and it was invented in 1928 in Scardale, New York. It is played with two teams of doubles on a 30′ x 60′ heated aluminum court. The court is usually fenced in to protect the crowd and innocent bystanders. Paddle tennis is played much like regular tennis, and most of the rules are the same. Paddle tennis was designed to be played in the winter, which is why the court is heated and the materials used are durable and made to withstand cold weather.


How Is Paddle Tennis Different From Regular Tennis?

The rules of paddle tennis are slightly different than those of regular tennis. Instead of tennis racquets, paddles are used. The paddles have holes drilled into them to make them more aerodynamic. Paddle tennis is played outside, but the court is usually enclosed, and it is almost always heated. The balls can be played off the enclosure in paddle ball, and only a single serve is allowed. The scoring is the same.


Why Was Paddle Tennis Created?

Tennis has always been a popular game, but people living in colder climates were often upset that they could not play during cold weather or when ice and snow covered the tennis courts. Fessenden S. Blanchard and James K. Cogswell developed the game out of a desire to stay active in the winter and keep people interested in sports. They designed the court first, and tried to play many different games before they came up with the idea for paddle tennis.


Why Play Paddle Tennis?

Paddle tennis is a great alternative to tennis and can be played by people of all ages. It provides the same exercise and movements as tennis and because scoring and other aspects of the game are the same as regular tennis, it doesn’t take very long to become used to the game and to be successful at it. Many people play paddle tennis to stay on top of their tennis game and to avoid becoming burnt out on tennis. Many people also play simply because they enjoy the sport.

Whether you already know how to play tennis and are looking for a fun variation of the game or if you are ready to start playing a new sport and have decided that paddle tennis will be that sport, you should give it a try. Paddle tennis is the only racquet sport that can be played outside and during cold weather. This is one of the reasons it has become so popular. Paddle tennis can be fun and challenging for people of all ages. If you are interested in learning more about the sport or are ready to give it a try, stop by Elysium Tennis today.