What is Platform Tennis?

Platform_Tennis_Court-399x246Some still call it “Paddle Tennis” but the idea is generally the same.  The game is played with paddles similar to ping pong, rather than the larger tennis racquets, and a spongy, rubber ball about 2.5 inches in diameter.

It was invented in 1928 as a way to keep the love of tennis going throughout the cold months of winter when you couldn’t get out on the open courts.  For those who still like the bite of fresh air in the winter, our platform tennis courts are ideal.

The game is played on a court with an aluminum base that’s elevated off the ground like a platform.  It’s about a third the size of a regular tennis court and is surrounded by twelve foot high walls that allow you to play the ball off them, just like racquetball or squash.   These courts are outfitted with a heating system beneath the platform so the area inside is actually warm.

Popular at private facilities and country clubs across America, Platform Tennis has gained significant popularity as a winter sport and affords players a fun fast-paced, dynamic game that can hone the same reflexes and movements necessary for a successful tennis match.

Even though we’re moving into spring and can get back outside to play, our members are still enjoying the platform tennis courts and having a great time.

Come in and ask about availability on the platform courts and get some helpful tips from our instructors and staff.

We’re all loving the game!