Why Paddle Tennis is Traditionally a Winter Sport

paddle tennis

When people think of the sport of tennis, warmer weather, shorts and moisture-wicking t-shirts generally come to mind with a blazing sun keeping everyone warm as balls are volleyed back and forth. Paddle tennis (also known as platform tennis) is quite the opposite in that it is traditionally played in the winter. Find out more about paddle tennis and why it is considered to be a winter sport.


What is Paddle Tennis

Paddle tennis (platform) is a racquet sport played in winter but can be played year round. Playing in winter provides a unique experience with an elevated court on a platform which allows heaters underneath to melt snow and ice. It is roughly ⅓ the area of a conventional tennis court and is enclosed on all sides by mesh walls. The rules of paddle tennis are quite similar to traditional tennis.


Getting Started

Getting started in the game of paddle tennis is about understanding how the sport is played. The following basic rules apply:

  • Only one serve is allowed
  • Serves which touch the net are played
  • Balls can be played off screened walls
  • If balls in play or service hit the deck in bounds and touch the back or side screens, it may still be played if it does not bounce onto the deck a second time

Gathering friends can be a fun experience in a social setting that is less intense than regular tennis physically but still provides hours of entertainment and fun in a fast-paced environment.


Why Winter?

Paddle tennis is very social. Gathering friends around a fireplace before and after a game is a great way to meet new and old friends who also enjoy the game. Enjoy a game on the heated courts outdoors in all kinds of winter weather without worrying about getting too cold as the game will keep a person active, moving and engaged for the duration while playing on a heated court.  The unique appeal also rests in giving people fresh air, competition and social engagement in spite of a chilly winter’s night. What could be more fun than to give this unique sport a try!